Standard Model Of Care

Vidamas clinics are all based on the principle of hospitality and the centralization of attention on the person. As per the motto: “THE PATIENT CENTER  PRACTICE OF CARE ”. In other words, All The Vidamas affiliated clinics believe that integration of therapy is essential “Treat the Patient not just the disease”

The motto of Vidamas,  “THE GENTLE CANCER TREATMENT”, represents the basis of the integrated approach of Oncology Treatment that sees the whole person and not just the tumor, its causes, both the living and the emotional environment. It focuses on the person who is often forgotten at the expense of seeing only a piece of it relating to his “illness”, forgetting the rest, which is the most important part that caused his illness.

For all these reasons, it is important that the core therapy should be gentle, without pain, side effects or after-effects. It is equally important that  attention be paid to the rest of the patient’s condition and needs including lifestyle changes and, where known, the causes of their particular cancer.

Many of the clinics offer additional therapies in keeping with this concept.

If you want to apply for a treatment evaluation, please on the list of che clinics, select the clinic of your choice and complete the application form. Every clinic has connected its application form. Therefore, once completed, click on send to forward it to the clinic. 

You can have a copy of the application to your email, just write your email address in the requested field.