For the Fees of a course of Vidamas Therapy, please contact each clinic listed on this web site . The costs of tumor marker tests ordered by the staff of the Clinic will be paid by the Clinic.

The Clinics exist to relieve as many people as possible of the misery of cancer; to do so profitably, but in a professional and caring environment where science and humanity are combined by a dedicated staff who rejoice in their work.

In keeping with this philosophy there is a program to aid those who are unable to pay the full fee.

Subject to a means test, the Clinics can approve an applicant for treatment at lower rates or without any payment. The Clinics reserve a fixed portion of their treatment capacity for this purpose and those who are accepted under that program are put on a waiting list for that available capacity. The means test is applied and enforced so that this reserved capacity will be used only by those who genuinely cannot afford the fees.

In all cases, applications will be considered solely on the basis of your clinical condition. Only after a clinical acceptance should there be any discussion of the fee payment. The clinical decision to accept a patient will therefore not be influenced in any way by the patient’s ability or inability to pay fees.

There is sometimes a waiting list for spaces at the Clinics. The people on the staff at the Clinics are not allowed to allocate a position on the waiting list and they are similarly not allowed to offer any preference on that list to any patient. Position on that list is determined solely on a first-come first-served basis with the date of entry on the list being the date on which the fees are agreed.

With the acceptance letter, the patient will be given instructions for the payment of the fees. When the fees have been paid or otherwise settled, the patient will be contacted, and a mutually convenient time will be set for the patient’s arrival at the Clinic.

Those patients who cannot pay all or any of the regular fees should contact the Clinic coordinator as soon as they receive an acceptance letter and request a financial aid form. As soon as it is completed this financial aid form should be sent to the Clinic Coordinator. A committee will then consider the request.

The staff at the clinics do not know which patients pay the full fee and which paid less.