An application may be sent directly from this website and when you click “SUBMIT” it will go directly to the doctor at your choice of clinic for review.

The prospective patient should fill out the application form as carefully as possible. Every question is important and must be answered. If any blanks are left on the form, they may give rise to questions and will cause a delay in the approval process. The patient will be required to present a positive diagnosis of cancer obtained from a reputable source upon arrival at the clinic.

The application form tries to obtain all the information required to make an assessment of the patient’s case. The more information the patient can supply the faster and more accurately the application can be dealt with.

Some prospective patients will leave out important matters on the application; some will even lie about their condition in order to improve their chances of being accepted. Such actions are very wasteful. On arrival at the Clinic one of the doctors will perform a general examination of the patient and may then decline to treat the patient because of some condition that was not disclosed on the application form. (Then any fees paid will be refunded in full).

It is also possible that between the time of completing the application and leaving for the Clinic the patient may suffer a general or specific decline. In such a case the patient should contact the Clinic Coordinator before leaving home and advise of this change in condition. After discussion, the patient may be advised to cancel the trip, postpone the trip or simply to come ahead. It is better to make that contact than to waste time and money on a useless trip.

Each application is reviewed by doctors acting independently. When they have agreed on the decision to accept the patient an acceptance letter will be sent out to the patient together with additional information.

The medical staff will normally complete the review and send out the response to the patient within five business days.

Each application is scored on a number of different factors. The total score is then taken as an indicator to accept or decline the patient’s application. In the case that the application is declined, the Clinic will not give a single specific reason but will indicate that based on the available medical evidence the prospective patient is not a viable candidate for this particular therapy.

The Clinic could limit the acceptances to only those patients who have a very low level of cancer, who are otherwise young and healthy, who are already well dedicated to detoxification and immune enhancement programs – and have an excellent chance of recovery. However, it is the policy of the Clinic to accept the more difficult cases as well as the easier ones. Even those patients who have been diagnosed at Stage 4 or Terminal can be admitted.

This policy means that acceptance at a Clinic is not to be equated with a one hundred per cent probability of the patient gaining a substantial improvement by the use of the Vidamas Therapy.

The acceptance letter will include a copy of the Patient Declaration, which should be carefully read, signed and returned to the Information Clinic before paying any fees.