Vidamas 400 Cancer Treatment

When diagnosed with cancer there are many choices of treatment, and it can be confusing.  But it is really very simple. There are only three possible ways forward.

First, it must be understood that cancer is almost always accompanied by a highly compromised immune system.

It may be that the immune system was weakened by some other condition and that allowed the cancer to get started or it may be that the cancer itself has damaged the immune system.

If a patient has cancer and a compromised immune system, there are only these three solutions to the roblem.

 It doesn’t matter what the specific tools are or if they are called conventional, alternative, proven or unproven, new age or whatever. These are the only three methods available to deal with cancer:

  1. Attack the cancerous tissue directly. Use surgery, radiation or chemotherapy or something else to kill the cancerous cells. Then sit back and hope that the immune system recovers.
  1. Don’t attack the cancer directly – just work on improving the immune system. Then sit back and hope that the immune system will recover and get to be strong enough to destroy the cancer.
  1. Combine therapies that reduce the tumor with therapies that rebuild the immune system – and do them at the same time.

Obviously, the combination is the best choice.

 Most of the tools used in the first choice have the unfortunate effect of damaging the immune system.  Just when you need the immune system the most it is itself under attack. But sometimes that is what you must do because doing nothing is not an option.  There are times when the very best standard of care requires immediate surgery. Then it must be done even though it may be a massively invasive procedure and disrupt the immune system.

As for the second choice, there are many excellent therapies to rebuild the immune system, focused on diet and supplementation, detoxification, life-style changes, and other programs. But even if you can totally restore the immune system, it may not be effective against established cancer. Carrot juice is good stuff, but it is not likely that drinking a lot of it every day will save you from cancer.

The third choice is the best choice, combining therapies that attack cancer directly with therapies that rebuild the immune system.

The Vidamas treatment does not use surgery, ionizing radiation or chemotherapy. Vidamas is registered with the Ministry of Health in Italy and has been awarded a CE mark that allows it to be used anywhere in the 27 countries of the European Union – and beyond – for reducing pain in cancer patients.

The way that the Vidamas achieves this is by killing cancerous cells, reducing the tumor mass, and relieving direct pressure on organs such as the brain that were being compressed by the tumor.

This makes Vidamas a good choice of therapy whether stand alone, an adjuvant therapy in conjunction with other cancer killing treatments or, best of all, as part of an overall program that will reduce the cancer burden AND improve the immune system.