At the conclusion of the treatments, normally 15 hours in total, the Patient will have an interview with the doctor.

This does not mean that the patient is now “free” or “clear” of cancer. It means that the Therapy has probably done all that it can to improve the patient’s condition. In many cases it will be found that there are significant changes in obvious symptoms such as the size of the tumor, changes in blood chemistry or tumor markers, changes in mobility, awareness, weight and others.

Not all the anticipated changes will occur immediately. Antigen based tumor markers, in particular, can take some additional time to improve. At times, some tumor markers may even increase temporarily.

The patient will be advised to continue with the essential programs of detoxification and immune enhancement previously discussed. The patient will be advised to check with their own doctor and oncologist at home. As needed, a staff doctor can confer with the patient’s regular doctor or oncologist. After returning home the patient should obtain new blood tests and scans for comparison with those made before leaving home.

At the time of discharge, the patient will be given a discharge form and asked to sign for receipt of that form.

The Vidamas Therapy program may be interrupted because the patient needs to return home for some reason. Where that reason is agreed by the Clinic staff for medical or other reasons the patient will be invited to come back to the Clinic as soon as possible to complete the course of therapy. In these circumstances, the patient can return to the Clinic to complete the treatment without payment of any additional fees.

At intervals, the patient will receive a follow-up questionnaire from the Clinic Coordinator. The completion and return of these forms is greatly appreciated. The information gathered in this way enables the Clinic to complete its records. The information is kept confidential, but summaries of the information thus provided are made available to researchers and others who wish to investigate this technology – as well as to prospective patients.