During each treatment session the patient will be placed on the treatment bed and the magnetic array will be positioned in accordance with the incoming diagnosis to target the tumour.

During the treatment sessions, the patient will not feel any distress on account of the therapy. Most patients tend to relax and fall asleep. Many patients report an easing of existing pain during treatment.

Each session can last up to three hours. Normally, there is one session a day, Monday to Friday.

The patient is not immobilized during the session and is free to move as needed to be comfortable as long as the tumor remains in the target area of the device. The device is unimposing, and the patient will not have any sense of being constrained or enclosed. A medical staff member is on hand throughout the session.

Patients do not need to disrobe for treatment. Jewellery, watches and metal parts of clothing should be removed so that they do not interfere with the magnetic field. Most patients find that the best clothing is loose and comfortable, lightweight warm-up suits or sweatpants and a T-shirt. Shoes are removed.

The patient will not experience any discomfort, side effects or aftereffects as a consequence of the treatments. The therapy does not depend on and does not use any drugs, chemicals, or ionizing radiation.